If your pregnancy was unplanned, you’ve probably never thought about making these life-changing choices. One option is to choose to parent. It may seem overwhelming, but you are strong!

Choosing to Parent

Parenting is never easy, no matter what your age, financial situation, or background. In fact, many women choose not to parent because they don’t feel they have the help they need. However, there are more resources today than ever before for women who choose to parent on their own. Plus, we’re here to support and advise you and can connect you to the resources you need to parent with confidence.

Community Support

We have a list of locations ready to help you with financial assistance, food, clothing, and transportation. In fact, at Still Waters, we offer parenting classes as well as material assistance.

Understanding the Bigger Picture

Although there are many resources available, ultimately you will be responsible for providing for your child. Take a close look at your financial situation, education and career plans, family or community support, as well as your parenting desires. Many women have parented while fulfilling their life goals. Nothing is impossible. If you have the will, you will find a way!

Moving Forward

We want to sit down with you and help you work through the pros and cons of parenting. None of the decisions you need to make are easy, but you can make the best decision for you and your pregnancy. Let’s work through it together.

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