If you choose to parent, let us help you. Still Waters offers the assistance you need.

I can’t do this alone!

Perhaps you’re wondering how you will parent if your husband or boyfriend doesn’t want the baby. Or, you feel as though your family won’t understand. You are not alone. An unplanned pregnancy changes your life forever, but nothing says it has to be for the worse. What if we told you it’s very possible to raise a child successfully as a single parent? Many have already done it.

What do I need to know?

Choosing to parent can be a wonderful but overwhelming decision. You may feel you’re too young or not financially stable, but we’ll help you be the best parent you can possibly be! How? Education, mentors, plus emotional and financial help are all waiting for you at Still Waters.

Prenatal course

First things first. While you are in the early stages of your pregnancy, get the advice you need for taking care of yourself and your baby. In our prenatal course, you’ll learn about the importance of good nutrition, getting enough sleep and creating a healthy lifestyle. Remember, while you’re learning, you’re also earning points that can be used for items you’ll need.

Parenting course

Once you have taken the prenatal course, it’s time to learn about parenting. Our course will teach you how to raise a child and what to expect during the many stages of a child’s life. No one ever said parenting was easy, but knowing what to expect ahead of time can prepare you for some of the steps to come.

Where to go from here

Contact Still Waters to talk about the next step. Get the information and help you need to be successful. We’ll provide the instruction and support so you can have a healthy pregnancy and baby.