In School and Pregnant?

We understand your fear. How will you handle school and a pregnancy? No one can ever be prepared for this surprise, but we believe you’ve got this. You are strong and because you’re here, you are smart. You want to know your options. Believe it or not, you do have choices. Let us help you make the right one for your future and the future of your pregnancy.

What We Offer

Only you know what is best as you navigate this new path. There are so many unique questions. How far along am I? How will I tell my parents? What should I do now?

At Still Waters, we offer free and confidential services such as a pregnancy test, options consultation, agency referrals, a listening ear and much more.  We want to discuss all of your options with you from abortion to adoption to parenting. Remember, everything is strictly confidential. What you share with us will go no further.

Continuing School

Pregnancy doesn’t mean you can no longer be a student. In fact, your successful future depends on a good education. Often, schools will work with you to modify your schedule if necessary. Keep your focus on graduating no matter what curve life has thrown you. You can fulfill your dreams for an exciting and wonderful future. There’s no limit to what you can do!

Schools and Colleges:

This is a list of the schools and colleges around Still Waters Pregnancy Center. Click on a school and you’ll find the time it takes and the best route to get to our center. If you don’t currently attend one of these schools, we’d still love to meet with you and discuss your needs. Or, if you know someone who attends one of these schools and has found themselves in an unplanned pregnancy, please share the map with them. Our FREE services are available to all.