Public School Programs



We partner with school districts in educating their students about self-worth, purpose and integrity.  Once students learn their value and purpose, they begin to see themselves differently. Light bulb moments begin to occur, and they become confident tweens / teens who are empowered to make positive choices.

We provide our programs to the following schools:

Intermediate Schools
Middle Schools
High Schools
Alternative High Schools

Over the past several years, we have developed great relationships with area School Districts.  The ongoing feedback we receive from principals and students is very encouraging. Here are comments we have received this recent school year:

“After your presentations, there were several individual conversations with students that were brought on because of the things you all brought to light! Students brought some things up to teachers and went to them as mentors, which we really have not seen before.  Thanks so much for what you brought to us and hope we can work with you in the years to come.”    High School Principal

“Still Waters truly makes a difference and they add a component to our campus that is invaluable!”    Alternative School Assistant Principal

“I wish that we could have Still Waters more often.”    Middle School Principal

Boy Students
“Don’t change anything.  Keep doing what you do best.  Thank you for teaching me to man up.”

“This program has really opened my eyes about so many things.”

“Very helpful.  Taught me how to be a man.”

“This really changed how I felt and thought about myself.”

Text received from one of the boy speakers:
“Wow moment! Student came up to me after assembly and said ‘you sound like a comic book! I feel like Superman. I could do anything.’ God does this in me, not me. I prayed this morning to have impact. Did not expect that!”


Girl Students
“I’m glad we have Still Waters because it helps me think twice and make right decisions.”

“Always keep this program going.”

“I love that you are teaching young girls like me.”

“You have changed me inside and out.”

 CMS.first session (girls - edited)  CMS.7th grade girl and the gift bow

If you are interested in learning more about our public school programs or scheduling an event at your school, please contact us at 972-932-HELP (4357) or