Teen/Young Parents

We offer support for both teen moms and dads.  One way we offer support is through our programs, CHOSEN and IGNITE.  These programs allow teen parents to get support and learn while being in a safe and non-judgmental environment led by adults who have had the same, if not, similar life experiences.

CHOSEN – a program for teen moms

CHOSEN is a selective program that meets every week.  Each young mom receives the following FREE services at each weekly session:

*  Mentor
*  Lifeskills Workshop
*  Child Care
*  Dinner
*  Gas Card (if needed)

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Statistics show that every teen mom who completes CHOSEN:

*  100% will graduate from high school
*  >40% go on to college
*  <3% have repeat pregnancies
*  0% return to the government for financial assistance


IGNITE – a support group for teen/young dads
IGNITE is a support group for teen/young dads that meets weekly.  This group is led by men who have a passion to teach younger fathers how to be responsible fathers who can lead their families with confidence.


THRIVE- a support group for 20 to 30-something moms

THRIVE is a program designed for 20 to 30-something moms who need encouragement and support during their journey through parenting.

The program is FREE.  Services provided during this program are:

Parenting Classes
Bible Studies
Discipling / Mentoring
Child Care

If you have further questions about these programs or would like to participate in them, please contact us at 972-932-HELP (4357) or [email protected]